“Jann was instrumental in helping me get my financial picture in order after my divorce. I had only learned about Jann afterwards or else I would have most definitely used her in the mediation process leading up to my divorce. Jann was very understanding of my high conflict situation. She walked me through exactly what I would need to do to get my financials organized at such a confusing and overwhelming time in my life. Jann understood my situation as she had gone through it herself so I felt very safe with her as a result. Life has not been easy at this transitional time but with Jann’s help, I was able to get organized, feel supported, and clearly understand what I needed to do to start to secure financial future.”

Gina R. from Rumson, NJ

“Jann is a stellar advisor. She has an instinct to provide the direction you need instead of what you may think you want to hear. When I was going through my volatile divorce she was not just my friend, she was my mentor. Seven years later I still refer to her as one of the most important sources of guidance during the most difficult time of my life. ”

Cheri P. from Hillsdale, NJ

“Jann, is a gem…radiant and strong. When going through this disorienting, overwhelming experience, it’s difficult to think clearly and thoroughly. I did not realize how stuck and sad I was. Jann’s extensive expertise, clarity, integrity and attention to detail brought comfort, perspective, empowering and powerful results.”

E.M. , New Jersey